Marvel Crisis Protocol: Wolverine and Sabertooth Pack

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Wolverine and Sabertooth Pack

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Wolverine and Sabertooth Pack

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Marvel Crisis Protocol
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Wolverine is a man whose past is shrouded in mystery. His mutant
power of enhanced regeneration not only protects him from
harm but has dramatically increased his life span. It also made
him the ideal subject for the Weapon X project, which bonded
indestructible metal to his skeleton and claws while robbing him
of his memory. As a member of the X-Men, Wolverine is a gruff
and vicious member of the team who often clashes with the teamÆ’??s
leader, Cyclops.
The mutant Victor Creed, called Sabretooth by many, is a feral
assassin and mercenary. His mutant abilities grant him an enhanced
healing rate, keen senses, and razor-sharp claws he uses to
savage his foes. He is a long-time enemy of Wolverine. Their pasts
intertwine through decades of conflict, and Sabretooth acts as a
dark mirror of WolverineÆ’??s suppressed savage instincts.

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